Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Installation of Room Conditioner :

Since the window air conditioner uses an air-cooled condenser to cool the hot refrigerant, the cooler the condenser, the more efficient is its operation. If the window unit is exposed to the sun’s rays the heat of radiation and warm air can diminish the efficiency of the exposed condenser and reduce the capacity of the unit. It is thus advisable to install the window unit for a minimum of sun exposure. The order of preferential exposure for optimum performance is : north, east, south and lastly west, of course, the shape of the room relative to air circulation patterns, location of the windows and the location preferred by the occupants often overrule the above consideration. In installing the conditioner, good air pattern in the room should be planned to establish comfortable condition satisfactory to the occupants. The following points should be kept in mind during the installation of conditioner.

1) Whenever the unit is exposed to the sun, a shade should be provided such as an awning.

2) It should be carefully seen that louvers of the outer cabinet are not blocked up or restricted by a brick block or by the wall itself.

3) The air-conditioner should slope toward the outside about 1.5 cm/m. This ensures the flow of condensate water from the evaporator back to the singer ring on the condenser fan blade or to the drain hose.

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