Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Preventive Maintenance of Air-conditioner :

Periodic cleaning of the air-conditioner is necessary to prevent breakdown and excessive wear of the unit. A soft cloth or vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the components. The grills, condenser and evaporator coils, fans and dampers should be freed from obstructions. The air seals in the window and cabinet should be checked to see that they have not loosened or deteriorated. Such cleaning and periodic checking give troublefree service in most of the cases.

Air-conditioning Cassettes :

The term “Cassette” came into use in 1875 to describe a flat box used for transporting photographic plates. In more recent times, we have used this term for hi-fi equipments as videos, computers, compact cameras and so on. From 1980 onwards, the ceiling cassette became terminilogy in air-conditioning industries. The cassette air-conditioner has made a bigger impact in Heating, Ventilating and Air-conditioning trade during last 10 years than any other single product in its history. The first ceiling cassette was brought in the market in 1984. By 1985, other two companies Daikin and Hitachi from Japan entered injto this market, type of air-conditioning cassette which is of drawing board size and sufficient to cool a single room. The sale of air-conditioning cassettes in U.K. was of 11 million dollars in 1987 which went to 18 million dollars in 1988.

Cassette system has rapidly established themselves as an economical alternative to other packages or central plant with a better return on capital investment. This is because, cassettes give higher flexibility for retail operations which are frequently on the move or subject to periodic re planning. The popular concept “Shop Within a Shop” has often concentrated high lighting and occupancy loads in relatively small areas with the need for additional spot cooling, conveniently provided by Cassette unit.

Hi-tech electronics provide further refinements in terms of temperature and operating efficiency. This latest unit claims 30% more output on heating, 20% on cooling and 20% less power consumption and continuous capacity control. The next generation of units will need to be more compact, less distraught and overcome the occasional problems of condensate disposal.

A Hitachi Air conditioning cassette creates a musical sound by distributing four way air and requires hardly 28cm space with a virtually flush face side diffuser. Micro computer controls makes the cassette easy to operate and you can choose cooling only, heat pump only and heat pump models with supplementary electric heating element to give the security of additional heat on extra cold days. The Hitachi air conditioner cassette is quiet, light weight, easy to install and economical also to operate.

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