Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Introduction To Room air-conditioner:

  • The window unit is the simplest example of the refrigeration cycle used in a packaged air-conditioner. In the unit, cooling, filtering and air-distribution systems are combined in a compact package which has obtained worldwide popularity.
  • The manufacture and use of packaged air-conditioners is one of the big steps in the development of air-conditioning. Mass produced compact air-conditioners in completely self-contained packaged units not only lowered the equipment cost but also made installation, servicing and operation simple and inexpensive . In this way, packaged units have brought air-conditioning to widespread public use and made available to the public in the quickest, most convenient and least expensive way. These packed units work very satisfactorily as long as the air-conditioner is properly selected, installed and serviced.
  • This article details the operation, installation and servicing of packed type room air-conditioner. Room air-conditioners include packaged window units, wall units and portable units. The components, specifications and operation of window and wall units are similar. The position of the components and control in the packaged window and wall unit lies in the installation only.

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